This is second suit i ordered from Ron. As with the first one, i placed order hoping to receive it on time for comicon Dubai. Ron was very cooperative and helped a lot, so suit was delivered way before i expected. And the quality... WOW. I was happy with Dv.a suit but this one just left me speechless. Thanks to the excellent suit, my daughter was one of the most popular cosplayers on Comicon. Thank you Ron very much for your understating and support. Big thank you for making my daughter happy.


I bought this cosplay for a friend for her birthday for an upcoming convention and she LOVES it! It pits her perfectly, the material was nice and super stretchy! The only thing we were both confused about was all the random looking white lines on the suit (until we concluded that perhaps they are meant to highlight) we plan to take some fabric paint and cover them up- as they are a bit o out there in contrast to the rest of the suit. But still a 5 Star perfect cosplay nonetheless! Thank you for the wonderful cosplay and super fast shipping (we paid the extra 40 bucks and it got here in like 3 days which was super nice)!


Putting on the suit I was wondering how well everything was going to fit, and it fitted amazingly. Getting a custom size suit truly was the best option. It fitted nicely on my hands, I heard someone had issues with the wrists before, but for me the wrists fitted perfectly. The mask with the lenses in it also fitted great. The lenses are really well made and of good quality as well and aren’t uncomfortable. The only issue I had with the suit was that there was a piece of black that i had on the feet. As this is not supposed to be on there according to the photos on the site or the actual suit but for the rest everything fitted like a glove andthe quality looked amazing as none faded or anything when having the suit on.


The suit fits nicely and the fabric is of good quality. I'm very happy with it.


I love this suit. The detail is beautiful. Communication was great during the ordering and shipping process. Suit shipped quickly. It doesn't have much stretch though. Fits like a glove. If you need it to fit multiple people, I recommend using your largest measurements, as it does not stretch.


I ordered the Spider-Gwen cosplay a while back and absolutely love it. It fits perfectly, good quality material, and is not sheer what-so-ever. I honestly wear it non-stop and I HIGHLY recommend buying from this site, whether it is for cosplaying or even just a Halloween costume!


This isn't his classic suit though this is his MkIV spider armor.


I ordered this suit for my daughter in March 2018 (Less then 2 weeks before Comicon Dubai). I knew it was risky but Ron responded immediately. He was very supportive and he managed to find a way to ship this fast to me. He responded fast to each message i have sent and also followed up when order status changed. Suit came in perfect shape and the size is as described. The quality is amazing. much better then what i was seeing in Dubai. I cannot thank enough to Ron. @Ron , i like your web site. Its much better overview of your store. 👍


I ordered the costume custom made and the maker was both friendly and helpful. The quality of the costume is amazing and the fit was perfect. It was skin tight just how I wanted it and comfy at the same time. I would definitely order again and recommend the costume.